The main objective of the activities of Microfinance Institutions (MFIs) is to provide loans that are in dire need of getting money "here and now". The essence of this "rapid" lending is to provide small amounts of cash for a short period of time. Under these loan conditions, relatively high interest rates on loans are established. Thus, with competent organization of activities and the availability of an automated business management framework, MFIs can be characterized as a highly profitable type of business with a relatively average level of risk.
Microfinancer.ru offers you an "MFI turnkey" service - a ready-made idea of ​​a profitable business.
The Microfinancer.ru team takes care of solving all issues related to the registration and organization of MFI activities in all areas: from the establishment of MFIs, the organization of document circulation to the formation of tax reporting and automation of the whole process of MFI activity.

We take full responsibility for the maintenance of your business, provide all instructions and train you. We are ready to offer you the most technologically advanced business, the basis of success of which is a unique technological banking platform and flexible competitive credit products that you can provide to your future customers.
We will share with you our personal experience of opening a microfinance organization from scratch, we will tell you how to solve the problem of stagnation in the activities of a microfinance organization, since the proper management of an organization is the key to success!

Our "MFI turnkey" service is designed for a wide range of clients: for those who are only planning to establish a microfinance organization and enter the short-term lending market, as well as for existing MFIs that seek to optimize, automate and improve their efficiency. The choice and use of high-quality and reliable software is the fundamental and key moment of the functioning of a successful and profitable firm, especially in the fast-lending market.
The Microfinancer.ru project contains absolutely everything you need to start, operate and optimize MFIs! A well-developed system, unique functionality, constant and qualified support from our side, a wide range of analysis tools - all this will help you to succeed in your activity!

Software that maximizes the ease of running your business! All reports, contracts, applications, analytics and internal information about your business are accumulated in one place! Quick access, easy management and full automation of your activities.
MFI is a business that is simple as "one, two, three"!

Our advantages:

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive interface
  • Detailed instructions and comments
  • Automation of management, accounting and tax accounting in one database
  • Remote WEB access to the database (the workplace in a remote branch or branch is connected to a single database via the Internet channel)
  • A wide range of tools for analyzing the activities of MFIs, available in real time
  • Automatic / manual sending of Email and SMS notifications
  • Automation of the process of creating and recording loan agreements and related loan security agreements.
  • Automatic calculation of payment schedules and mutual settlements with borrowers.
  • Formation of printed forms of contracts and payment schedules.
  • Organization of document circulation
  • Consolidated reporting on-line.
  • Accounting for lending activities
  • Ability to track active, paid and overdue debts
  • Full credit history of the client for all types of work with the organization.
  • Flexible restructuring of current loans.
  • Web application and automatic synchronization with 1C of any versions.
  • Virtual Credit Committee.
  • The module for applying for a loan through the MFI website
  • Loan calculator on the site