We are ready to offer you techniques that will help you to take and retain your client on the supersaturated market of microfinance services. We will explain to you the most important and basic rules of the microfinance organization, we will provide the documentation developed in accordance with all the requirements of the legislation and worked out on our own experience with all the nuances of microfinance activity, as the standards and technologies of the organization are the key to success!

We hope that cooperation with our organization in the field of consulting in microfinance will help you not only to occupy your segment of the microfinance market, but also to avoid many problems and mistakes that will nullify all your undertakings and seriously damage your business.

  1. Organization of MFIs from scratch
  2. Methodology for assessing credit risk, scoring system and portfolio evaluation
  3. Development of internal audit system
  4. Management of special assets - approaches to the return of problem loans