The success of the microfinance business largely depends on the manager's ability to receive quality and complete information necessary for making managerial decisions in the shortest possible time. The volume of data is growing every day, coming from various sources. To solve the problems of maximizing profitability and reducing costs, identifying and retaining the most profitable customers, developing and implementing an effective corporate strategy, fully monitoring all internal and external risks, and strictly observing regulatory requirements and providing reliable information for making informed decisions, MicroFinancer offers a specialized a portfolio of applied software tools for business analysis.

It is focused on the specifics of microfinance activities and includes ready-made data models, analytical models and in-depth analysis functions, as well as optimized processes and methodologies that accelerate the implementation process and obtain return on investment. Depending on your needs in depth and complexity of the analysis, access to the system can be of different levels of functionality and differ in cost. From level to level, the principle of increasing the functionality functions. The unique platform on which the MicroFinancer system is built allows the implementation of a variety of reports, depending on the needs of the customer, including such controls as:

  • effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • customer debt management