Complex automation of activities

Modern conditions of tough competition make serious demands on the organization and conduct of business in the credit market. The introduction of software will ensure the effective operation of the company, significantly increase the profitability of your activities, but most importantly - will allow to fully automate all business processes.

Absolute control over the business

Service provides constant access to all business processes in the company in real time and from any device. Thus, you can fully control the activities of the company and make competent operational decisions.

Fast and convenient integration process

The system allows integration with any existing systems and platforms, such as automated accounting systems, SMS-services, mail servers. The program is developed on a unique platform, which today has no analogues, allowing very quickly and easily to integrate.

Organization of electronic document circulation

One of the advantages of the system is the organization of electronic document circulation, which means the accumulation of all documentation in one place and constant access to it in real time.

Intuitive interface

Service very simple and understandable in use: professionally designed functional of the system is combined with an intuitive interface. The introduction of software will systematize and automate all business processes of your company.

    From the first days of using the MicroFinancer system it became clear that this complex is universal for microfinance organizations.
    VOLKOV V.S., CEO JSC «SibDengi»
    We recommend MicroFinancer as a reliable company that implements an individual approach to each client and offers a comprehensive approach to the solution of tasks.
    Express UVER
    Convenient interface, round-the-clock access through work on the WEB-site, allows you to conclude that this system is one of the best on the market for MFIs.
    The delivery and implementation of the software was performed by MicroFinancer. The work was done qualitatively and in the shortest possible time.


    • Easy operation with the software
    • The system is fully adapted to the current legislation on microfinance
    • A tangible reduction in the amount of handmade work
    • Automated printing of loan agreements
    • Automated calculation and calculation of interest
    • Ability to track active, paid and overdue debts
    • Uploading data to the program "1C: Enterprise"
    • Automatic SMS informing borrowers
    • "On-line" control of all operations on loans
    • Extensive options for delimiting the interface with access rights
    • Work with an unlimited number of loan programs with the ability to share interest rates, terms, conditions of issue, etc.
    • Ability to upload data to the required format (Excel, Word, XML, JPEG, PDF, HTML)
    • User I / O log
    • High speed of client processing
    • Autocomplete loan agreement
    • Black list of borrowers
    • Modern reports for the analysis of work of the enterprise

    Full functional of the system

    General information about the system

    The automated system of accounting for loans MicroFinancer for microfinance organizations is a complex based on WEB-interface, which allows you not to install software on workstations personnel. Work in the system is carried out through an Internet browser. Employees just need to go through the identification on the site and get to work. The program is developed on a unique platform, which today has no analogues.

    Configuring the system for any needs

    Our employees will promptly make changes to the system based on the needs of your business.

    Variety of loan programs

    It is enough to enter the name, set the interest rate and the forfeit rate, thus creating an unlimited number of credit plans for different categories of borrowers.

    Application for a loan

    The initial stage in the loan is to fill out a loan application. Filling can be made by the borrower on the company's website, through the ON-LINE service, a loan application or credit specialist, directly in the office.
    The registration process takes a minimum of time and takes place in the form of filling out a questionnaire. In the special form necessary data about the client are entered.

    As a result of the completed application, a client questionnaire is formed and signed by him personally.

    Checking the borrower / making a decision

    The completed loan application is submitted to the expert for approval. As a result of consideration of the application, the credit expert makes a decision on granting the loan or refusal. At the stage of consideration of the application, the entire history of the client's appeal to the company is visible. If the application is rejected, the customer data is automatically transferred to the black list.

    Automatic FBS check

    The system has implemented the function of checking borrowers for outstanding debts in the Federal Bailiff Service.

    Automatic check of FMS

    The system has implemented the function of checking the status of the borrower's passport at the time of the request (availability of search, loss, validity)

    Execution of the contract and loan issue

    Based on the approved application, the contract is concluded in the system. The process of formalizing the contract requires a minimum of time and occurs with a single click of the mouse.

    After registration of the contract in the system, the formation of printed documents for the legal registration of the transaction occurs, such documents include a microloan agreement and a cash order account. These documents are signed by the client.

    Loan payment

    The fact of paying the debt by the client in the system is reflected in the closing of the contract. The contract, under which all obligations are fulfilled, becomes CLOSED.

    As a result of this operation, at the time of depositing funds to the cashier of the organization, incoming cash orders are formed in the system. In the event of a delay in payment, the penalty for the contract and the interest recalculation are automatically calculated. In case of early repayment of the loan, the interest is also recalculated under the microloan agreement.

    Search / sort contracts

    In the system, all contracts are arranged in chronological order. A number of options for comfortable and quick work with contracts:

    • status of contracts (closed, active, late payment, installment payment)
    • search for contracts with maturity TODAY / TOMORROW
    • work with the debt transferred to the court, the contracts are grouped depending on the stage of passing-transferred to the court, the trial, the enforcement proceedings

    Generating reports

    Having implemented our system into the work of your organization, you can always receive the necessary reporting for any period of time.

    Individual reports tailored to your needs, depending on management requirements for any task.

    View statistics

    Key managers at any time can analyze the effectiveness of the business for a day, a week or a month, view structurally and aggregated information about the issuance and repayment of loans.


    The blacklist is a means of storing all information about unreliable borrowers who have ever contacted your company. The end-to-end search system for all fields allows you to check any client in minimum time. The blacklist is automatically replenished by rejecting the questionnaire, as well as the possibility of manually entering data obtained from reliable sources.

    Global blacklist

    If necessary, it is possible to connect to the global blacklist linking all our partners from different regions.

    Working with the SMS module, e-mail - dispatches

    This option simplifies the process of notifying customers about current payments, delinquencies, notification of approval or approval of applications.

    The process is fully automated and easily configurable, allowing you to make alerts on any algorithms.

    Full control over the staff

    In the system, the function of viewing all actions of personnel in chronological order is implemented, not one step of the employee will not be left without attention.

    Protection from fraudulent staff actions

    The system implemented a set of measures to protect against abuse of their working position of some employees. Different access rights for different categories of personnel, the lack of the ability to make adjustments to loan agreements, work in real-time, dates are automatically set, user log monitoring and other aspects make the system immune to impacts.

    Unified ticketing system

    All system improvements, innovations and various messages are sent centrally to our customers in the form of tickets.

    Also you can solve all kinds of questions inside the company.